Every organization wants to ensure the safety of its people, assets and reputation. Our security experts can help you create a comprehensive, prevention-oriented approach to physical, technical and operational security that can reduce your risk and align with your organizational culture, business objectives and budget from security risk management and security design to threat and violence risk management, investigations, law enforcement consulting and private client and family office services.

Security Risk Management

Combining deep security risk management expertise to lead, plan, design and implement complex security engagements.

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Threat + Violence Risk Management

We help you identify the potential threats and risks of violence within your company.

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Our team can help you understand your organization’s exposure to fraud and financial crimes and mitigate the risks of regulatory, reputational or financial harm to your operations, reputation or shareholder value.

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Law Enforcement Consulting

Our services include assessments of the entire department or individual units (e.g., internal affairs) or issues (e.g., community policing, use of force, staffing).

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Private Client + Family Office Services

Assessment of physical and technical security protecting assets as well as technical surveillance countermeasure sweeps.

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Security Design

We incorporate physical and technical security factors into the site plan at the design and construction phase.

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How We've Protected Your World

Using Digital Technology to Transform Your Police Department

Remember when business guru and Cisco CEO John Chambers famously announced that every organization will be digital?

Fine Art Security: A High-Tech + Crucial Component of Estate Security

When most people think of fine art security, they likely visualize museums, art galleries and high-end jewelry boutiques. But many private clients own expensive collections of possessions, such as art.

Just Accepted a Position as Police Chief? Here’s Who You Can Turn to for Advice

It’s surprising how many times police chiefs have asked our law enforcement consulting team for advice on who to reach out to for information, feedback, and guidance on addressing technical police-related matters or community crises.

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