Manage increasing safety risks, while containing costs + maintaining services to the public

Each government sector and military branch face specific safety, security and risk challenges in the contiguous United States and overseas. We help you navigate those challenges within your government agency across a full range of services— from fire protection to environmental hazard consulting to security.

As industry leaders in the public sector for decades, we’ve represented the United States’ interests on a global scale, working on high-security, mission-critical, historically significant or architecturally sensitive buildings. We work across all branches of the Federal Government including DOD, DOE and the GSA, as well as within state, local governments, local counties and municipalities. Our work across various military branches includes NAVFAC, 金宝搏appACE, 金宝搏appAF, among others. Helping protect the safety of your facilities and staff is critical to our government’s infrastructure, continuity and support. We have also earned an international reputation in environmental consulting with members of our staff supporting the Secretary of the Army and acting as representatives to United Nations committees for the environment.

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