Over 4.1 billion people traveled through the world’s airport terminals last year and that number is expected to grow 3.5 percent annually. Few other industries accommodate populations of that scale, requiring a complex support system for it to move efficiently and timely, including retail, baggage handling, security and other critical elements.

We understand that your global security, safety, and risk management in the aviation industry present challenges that are constant and evolving. We’ve helped some of the world’s busiest airports prevent disruptions. We develop life safety, fire protection and aviation emergency management solutions within the regulatory requirements, design highly effective emergency communications systems and provide comprehensive services for effective air side operations safety—all while helping to maximize the passenger experience within airport terminals.

How We've Protected Your World

Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) Fuel Farm Audit and Inspection

As part of the airport’s efforts to keep the facilities modern, efficient and environmentally friendly, Jensen Hughes provided an audit on the fuel farm, fuel transfer, and associated processes to identify where improvements could be made.

Portland International Airport - PDX Next

Our team provided support on the mass timber canopy design and accessibility design support to accommodate the needs of staff and travelers.

Denver International Airport

Over the last fifteen years, Jensen Hughes has provided fire and life safety services as well as modeling for egress, fire and smoke control for the Denver International Airport (DEN)

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